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The Upright Way


Contact us! A qualified Service Representative will visit your home to evaluate your needs and desires, and provide you with an accurate quote for your project. During this time your service representative will attempt to identify any potential problems and provide solutions to best protect and increase the value of your home.


Upon receiving the materials necessary to complete your job, we'll contact you to let you know when the crews and materials are scheduled to arrive at your home. If, on our confirmed date, the weather prohibits us from performing the work in a safe and professional manner, we will immediately contact you to reschedule.


Material Delivery and Site Preparation

Materials may arrive with the installation crew and will be delivered by large vehicles, some even with cranes or forklifts attached. In any case, we ask that you move any items of value, vehicles or furnishings away from access points to the work area, so that we can get materials and equipment as close to the actual work as possible. On rare occasions, materials may show up followed by several days of prohibitive weather in which case your job will be started as soon as it's possible to work safely. 

During the Job

We will be removing several tons of material from your roof! That's a lot of change and movement of materials. Rest assured that the well being of your home is our priority. We will do our best to keep you informed of the crew's progress and schedule. Once a crew of installers is assigned to your home, they will not be assigned another job until yours is finished.


For small jobs, completed in one day, we will perform a thorough clean up at the end of the day to get the old materials, scraps, and fasteners off of the property. For longer jobs, we will perform a general cleanup of materials and tools each day. It's a good idea to keep children and pets away from material and tools until we've completed the work. Upon completion, your yard and home will be as clean as when we arrived.



After the job is completed, one of our Service Representatives will examine the work and determine whether it has been done to our standards and contract specifications. Once we have received final payment we will send you the warranty package which will include any standard or extended manufacturer's warranties.

Continued Relationship

That's not the end of the story. Once you've contracted us to help you get more enjoyment and energy efficiency from your roof investment, we're sure you'll want us to do the same for others you know. Take a moment to use our rewards program and see how helping others can help you. Here at Upright we're not only building roofs that last, we're building lasting relationships too. Ask your service representative today about our additional services for the lasting care and maintenance of your home, including - Basements, Bathrooms, Chimneys, Flooring, Gutters, and Electrical. Remember - We've Got you Covered!